Taking Care of Your Home while going on Vacations

Are you planning to go on vacation at the end of your summer holidays? Have you planned where to go and what to enjoy yet? Are you going to find an apartment for rent so that you can spend your vacations splendidly like apartments in cherry creek denver? Well, whatever you are up to, you should keep in mind that you are going to take care of your home behind.

As we wind down the summer months and get in that “last trip’ before the routine of fall returns, don’t forget a few safety tips to keep you and your home safe.  The burglar is unlikely to be dressed like you expect (and depicted in the picture) and we are unlikely to leave every window and door open (also like in the picture), but we may forget a few basics like:

Don’t leave ladders and other items around so that burglars have easy access to higher windows. It is an obvious one, but sometimes we need to be remembered by someone else.

Your trash speaks volumes. If you just bought that latest Ultra HD thin flat screen TV or your Mac Pro just arrived, don’t leave those boxes by the curb advertising your good taste.

Keep the lawn and bushes trimmed, at least don’t let it look like you don’t live there. After the time you will come, they will be needing more improvements, though.

Have the newspaper delivery held while you are away.  It’s easy and can be done online or with a phone call. Anything that looks like you are at home can help you while you are gone.

Small standalone sales are like you have bagged the loot for a thief-a wall safe, bank lockbox or just a better hiding place works better.

Social media-Yes, you’ve heard it before, but it is just so hard to resist posting that you are loving your 2 weeks stay in the Bahamas!  Maybe save the pics for when you return.

Better doors and locks.  Invest in deadbolts if you don’t already have one, and an old school wooden door can be an easy target for a break in.

A good neighbour is worth their weight in gold.  If you have one of those great folks living next door, ask if they would check on your place while you are gone, even inside.  You never know when something is going to spring a leak and better to find out sooner than later.

Let there be light.  I have always been a proponent of leaving lights on.  Inexpensive timers found at your local hardware store can be a great way to make the house look lived in.

Last but not least, take in any keys you have left under the mat, over the sill, or any of the other obvious hiding places.  You might as well leave them in plain view as hide them in these easy to figure out spots.